MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Ten-Minute Portraits

I offer sliding scale on-the-spot portrait sessions in black ink as accessible art therapy. I also offer prints of my original drawings, many of which depict femme, fat, hairy, queered melanated bodies. As a portrait artist representing bodies that are not my own, I’m constantly working to be aware of[…]


Venadx is a gender non-specific, beyond the gender binary that means Deer in Spanish. It is dedicated to queer healing justice by bringing affordable & high quality medicine made with organic plants grown from seed, with gentleness, respect, love, & prayer to the collective environment. My current projects is to bring good medicine[…]


One of our healers this year will be M’kali-Hashiki nln who does healing under the title FiercePassions.  M’kali-Hashiki nln is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker; a Certified Sound, Voice, & Music Healer; and a Certified Tantric Sacred Intimate. She is a queer, feminist, polyamourous, middle-aged, fat, kinky, Black Femme Dyke; and an[…]

MAKER SPOTLIGHTS: Radical Stained Glass

We are excited to showcase the work of Dani Robison, whose business Radical Stained Glass will be vending on Saturday at Magic Makers. Dani constructs and compose a variety of art objects using traditional stained glass techniques applied non-traditionally. Using found and upcycled materials, I add tension to the sublime[…]


We are happy to welcome back Magic Maker favorite, Francis Mead, the brilliant illustrator and creator of Illustrated Truths. Francis is excited to offer some regular bestselling prints and cards and will also be showcasing a brand new collection of illustrations that are in color and larger! She will also[…]


ROOTS OF RESISTANCE is the 5 year project of Sade Musa. Sade is a community herbalist, microbiologist, and nutrition educator who runs a black queer-owned apothecary, wellness consultation, workshops, and zines on holistic health, disability awareness, and afro-ethnobotany.  For Magic Makers, some of the products Roots of Resistance is excited[…]

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Mixed Race Queer & Feminist Zines

We are thrilled to welcome back Mixed Up! Mixed-Race, Queer + Feminist (MRQF) Zine. The MRQF zine crew is dedicated to elevating queer and trans mixed-race/mixed-heritage voices and giving folks the chance to connect with and learn from perspectives that are not circulated Mixed-Up will be selling an array of[…]

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Cinnamon Maxxine

Today we are featuring the work of Cinnamon Maxxine who will be showing their handmade clothes and crafts made using repurposed materials designed to be affordable and accessible for bigger bodies.  As Cinnamon says, “I take pride in making clothes for larger bodies that have unapologetic, unashamed, 100% belligerent fat positive[…]


Please welcome Plantstare to this year’s Magic Makers!   Plantstare creates weird original illustrations as well as prints of those originals. Most of the work contains things such as eyes, hands, magic, rituals, crystals, plants, and funky character doodles! Plantstare thinks that all of the work could hold a personal[…]


Please Welcome to the Healer Space, Sapho Flor, at Magic Makers 2017! Sapho Flor will be offering 15 minute massage treatments that include a short consultation. The client can chose for me to focus on hands, neck, shoulder or head massage. Clients can choose to sit or lay down on[…]


We are excited to have Haley Brown for the first time this year at Magic Makers!! I’m so honored and excited to bring my art to Magic Makers!!! In particular, I’m looking forward to sharing a 2018 illustrated calendar – “The Coping Calendar”- as well as some new prints of various[…]

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Dancing Egret Herbal Apothecary

We are excited to have Dancing Egret Herbal Apothecary for the first time this year at Magic Makers!!  Dancing Egret Herbal Apothecary is excited to bring their magic to a craft fair for the first time. “We come bringing our love for each other and our love for the natural world. We[…]

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Ceramica y Mas by VeneB.

Get excited to meet Maker spotlight Ceramica y Mas by VeneB!!! VeneB. wants to bring this traditional craft to light as a mujer in the ceramics world and one who identifies as a queer xicana, bringing this identity and these pieces into community and communal spaces and having what is[…]