MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Little Spoon Creamery

One of our favorite ice cream makers is back for another round of Magic Makers. Please help us welcome back Bridge Ho of Little Spoon Creamery! Little Spoon Creamery is a QTPOC owned small batch ice creamery. We make delicious treats drawing inspiration from experiences as a first generation Asian-American[…]

MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Two Chicks in the Mix

We are excited to have Two Chicks in the Mix taking over the kitchen and serving food all weekend at Magic Makers this year! Two Chicks in the Mix is an exciting and innovative bakery. We have been in business for 3 years and serve delicious and unique baked goods[…]


Please help us welcome our newest ice cream/popsicle crafter, Jaymes Luu of Fat Face! Jaymes Luu makes handcrafted popsicles and ice cream with attention to flavor, fun, and farms. As a Vietnamese refugee transman who grew up in the South, food has always been a way for me to connect to[…]


We are so excited to welcome Jessica Lanyadoo to the Magic Makers Healing space this year! I come with a great deal of experience! I offer compassionate and practical readings that get straight to the heart of the matter. I’ve been working as an astrologer and psychic medium since 1995.[…]

HEALER SPOTLIGHT: Bitoon Nga Makaayo (star healing)

We are excited to welcome Basha Star to the Magic Makers 2017 Healing space! I will be offering healing space for folks that is tailored to what they are drawn or feel connected to. This may include body work, energy healing, divination, flower essence healing or even simply holding space[…]

HEALER SPOTLIGHT: Truth Is Change Tarot

We are excited to welcome Nanyonjo Mukungu to the Magic Makers Healing space! I offer Astrology Informed Tarot & Oracle Readings Supporting Transformative Internal Work My work is inspired by black feminist scifi writer Octavia E. Butler. As a empathic queer black woman, I know how critical internal transformative work is[…]

HEALER SPOTLIGHT: Shift Acupuncture Collective

We are excited to have Rona Luo in the Magic Makers Healing space this year! Rona will be offering body-positive & trauma-sensitive acupuncture and cupping to nourish your inner resources and release tension and pain. Folks can opt for sliding scale acupuncture or cupping in a community setting. Growing up[…]


Please help us welcome Soulful Pride to their first Magic Makers Fair! I personally feel that being a Queer Woman of Color & Soulful Pride goes hand-in-hand, it reaches out to ALL, and not just to the LGBTQ community, however, in this case, I WANT my bracelets to reach out[…]


We are excited to welcome back T. Christal this year!! I make all types of art, jewelry, accessories, greeting cards, and a special healing heart chakra elixir. Every item is hand made. Necessity is my inspiration, I do not art by choice, I art to heal myself and others. I[…]


One of our healers on Sunday will be the skilled acupuncturist, Mamie Chow. I practice a Japanese-style of acupuncture that is very gentle, yet yields immediate effects. I work with many first-timers to acupuncture and enjoy explaining traditional Eastern physiology and helping take the fear out of the needles. Many[…]


Powpow goods will be bringing their gorgeous handmade leather bags, pouches, wallets and other goods to Magic Makers on Sunday. I have been making/creating throughout my life. I have been in the leather trade for almost a year.   My identity informs my creative pursuits and process daily. I am[…]


  Mala Yierba is “excited to bring heart centered medicine to Queer Magic Makers, which is medicine I’ve been working with intimacy lately as a chronically depressed and neurodivergent brujx. In 2011 I began an intentional healing journey working with my moonblood which lead to my journey with bleederz pads[…]


Join us Sunday to shop the incredible wears of DaFunky Button who will bring hand made crochet goods and many fabric covered button earrings“At DaFunkyButton, we pride ourselves in creating jewelry as unique and as fashion-forward as the individual who wears our handmade earrings. The artisan and proprietor, Claudia Patterson,[…]