Maker Spotlight: Rebekah Erev Studio

I’m excited to bring Moon Tools Workbook, a workbook that facilitates a process of using the cycle of the moon to move through creative work and new habits. I made it with Elsa Asher and it’s a project I have a lot of excitement about. Also lots of things with[…]

Maker Spotlight: Roscito’s Tamalitos

I come from a long legacy of Mexica and Southwest Indigenous matriarchs, and I often think of my great-grandmothers when I prepare tamales; for they taught my grandmothers, who taught my mother and myself.  The art of preparing tamales is like an inheritance, an edible family heirloom so to speak,[…]

Maker Spotlight: Show & Tell Oakland

Show & Tell is the brain child of retail veterans Alyah Baker and Nichole Payton. A lifestyle brand, concept shop, gallery, and gathering space located in vibrant downtown Oakland. The idea for show and tell came out of Payton and Baker’s shared desire to make their community and the broader[…]

Maker Spotlight: Yes!GRITS!

Yes!GRITS is the dream of longtime friends Krista Smith and Vagina Jenkins. We’ve been serving up deliciousness for 3 years now. Yes!GRITS! is a pop-up southern comfort food experience, serving up a traditional southern breakfast food with an exciting California twist. Enjoy your grits traditional southern style or vegan, and[…]

Maker Spotlight: Whit Hazen

I’ve always been a maker, but I have been selling jewelry since I was a teenager and wreaths for the last 2 years. My identity requires authenticity, and I create pieces that are authentic to my aesthetic. My vision is to build a dynamic, whimsical, and seasonally inspired floral business that[…]

Healer Spotlight: Daisy Spellman Tarot

I am only child, second generation Puerto Rican woman born and raised on the southern west coast of California by a mother who coped with severe mental health issues due to her constant oppression and dismissal. It is important to note this because it’s colored every decision I’ve ever made[…]

Maker Spotlight: Holy Sponge!

  Holy Sponge offers sea sponge ritual moon kits + coastal plant-based remedies for an eco-friendly, economical, and embodied menstrual cycle. We are queer, womyn-owned & operated, and we value preserving our ocean and honoring our bodies. We want to widen the range of choices available to folks who bleed,[…]

Healer Spotlight: Riverstone Chiropractic

Sandy Baird will be offering short chiropractic and massage healing sessions to help people release their pain and discomfort from built-up stress and chronic injuries. Dr. Baird is a graduate of LifeWest Chiropractic College, where she was awarded the Commitment to Excellence scholarship. She specialized in sports injury management and extremity[…]

Maker Spotlight: Wild Fancy

Wild Fancy Design makes handmade jewelry and accessories for fabulous folks of all genders. Our unique look is grounded in our commitment to sustainability– we use recycled raw brass for our stampings because it allows us to create affordable, long-lasting jewelry. Wild Fancy was founded by two queer artists (Lex[…]

Maker Spotlight: T. Christal

I personally provide a large scale of services to my clients. I am a one stop shop that addresses all aesthetic realms including hair, skin, nails, art, and jewelry design. My intention through my services is to provide my clients with the freedom, security, and flexibility to be themselves through[…]