Maker Spotlight: DJ YNG GMA

DJ YNG GMA (young grandma) has been djing around the gay area for many years and is excited for this weekend at Magic Makers. While they love to bring the dance jams, YNG GMA also makes it a point to highlight and bring into regular rotation queer/poc/female hip hop artists[…]

Maker Spotlight: Two Chicks in the Mix

I make baked goods with unique and delicious ingredients including Lavender Pound Cake, Chicken Curry Pot Pies, cupcakes and pies with canned organic, low sugar fruit, and more. I have been baking and healing cravings for 3+ years now. I work really hard on my business and my food because it’s[…]

Maker Spotlight: Cantos de la Tierra

Before I start making medicine, I set my sacred space, I light palo santo, or copal, or sage. I clear the air around me and ask for permission to start. I thank the plants, I tell them what I am making, why, and I ask them to support the people[…]

Maker Spotlight: Jessika Fancy

My identity informs so much of what I do. I live for creating for my community and the people I love! I think it’s so important to support each other and the work that we do. I have been crafting for as long as I can remember! It’s one of[…]

Maker Spotlight: Illustrated Truths

As a queer black womxn of many ancestries it is incredibly important to me to create art that reflects mine and my people’s spirits. I don’t believe in art for ‘arts sake’; for me creation must be an integral part of my people’s healing and liberation journey. My current visions[…]

Maker Spotlight: Steadfast Herbs

We are both artists and crafters who have been making herbal remedies for ourselves and our friends for years but this specific project of Steadfast Herbs is now two years old. Now that we are able to grow our own herbs, we are excited to bring medicines made from plants[…]

Maker Spotlight: Rheal

I make items to help elevate home, body and mind. I make items that speak to me. I’ve been crafting full time for a little over a year but i’ve always been a maker of a sorts. I am alway trying/finding ways to better myself and products. As with life, the[…]

Maker Spotlight: Jessica Sabogal

As a queer woman of color, my work is made by and for queer woman of color. It is imperative that my work continues to carve sacred/safe space and representation for us porque sí existimos. At the moment I am creating a piece that represents The Mission’s most Iconic women[…]

Healer Spotlight: Jasmine Jewel Le Blanc

Jasmine Le Blanc is a Divine Light Werqer! She is a psychic and medium providing healing support to beloved communities for over 6 years. She specializes in transforming challenging relationships into loving ones. Jasmine has communed with her client’s ancestors to heal intergenerational wounds and learn family strengths, identity and[…]

Maker Spotlight: Ritual & Repeat

Ritual & Repeat is a brand that blends the knowledges of Western Clinical Herbalism and Hoodoo Folk Magic to create relevant tools for coping, spiritual manifestation, and harm-reduction. Originally intended to provide a non-addictive smokable alternative to tobacco, the brand has since evolved to include herbal formulas that enhance romantic[…]