Mala Yierba is “excited to bring heart centered medicine to Queer Magic Makers, which is medicine I’ve been working with intimacy lately as a chronically depressed and neurodivergent brujx. In 2011 I began an intentional healing journey working with my moonblood which lead to my journey with bleederz pads and flower essences.”

My identity as a queer indigenous brujx informs my creative process because it centers earth medicine and my relationship with the land and the more than human community.


“I envision working, sourcing, networking, and collaborating with other indigenous two-spirit, queer, and trans folx so that we can support each other and build economic networks to empower and build stronger queer domains. Some challenges are collaborating with communities that are strategically targeted and face physical, and economic violence which weakens our ability to navigate the world. Yet that is our in between medicine and where our magical powers come from and how a new world will be created.”
 “It’s so beautiful for queers to gather and offer different medicine from what we receive from the Western medical ci$tem. gatherings and supporting each other is queer medicine in itself.”

Please come out Sunday to support this incredible maker and check out their projects in the links below!

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