As a queer and genderqueer individual who deeply connects with nature, I find that I desire to create what I use and share with my community from as close to source as possible, which is why I forage and wildcraft and buy locally, and support my local and POC community.


My Bitter Blends are crafted with the duel intention of tonifying and helping the digestive tract, as well as being a great mixer for cocktails, simply superb!


The Forage: bay nut truffles are made from; California Bay Laurel tree- who’s nuts I wildcraft in the local hills, also sourcing honey from Queen of Sheba Farms- an Oakland-based POC owned business and I buy nuts from local farms, sprout them and make them into nut butters that I incorporate into the truffles.   pixie-1

I will also be bringing Lick Your Lover Elixirs are hand-crafted delicious and edible sexy elixirs that warm and tingle the skin and are latex safe and can be used as a lube!!!

I have been practicing this work for over 20 years. I envision a private practice that incorporates connections between urban and rural dwellers, connecting seeds to kitchen tables, herbs and nutrition to healing bodies.