MAKER SPOTLIGHTS: Radical Stained Glass

We are excited to showcase the work of Dani Robison, whose business Radical Stained Glass will be vending on Saturday at Magic Makers.

Dani constructs and compose a variety of art objects using traditional stained glass techniques applied non-traditionally. Using found and upcycled materials, I add tension to the sublime religiosity of stained glass, or contradict it entirely. Although I produce sculptures, windows, and lamps, most of the work I share while tabling takes the form of wearable amulets.

 As a transwoman struggling with addiction, I include smashed liquor bottles in much of my work to exorcise pain and rage. Glass possesses a brittle, fragility and can speak well to feelings of transparency/invisibility. I have utilized this property in a series figurative sculptures depicting sensations of somatic dysphoria and disassociation.

Come support Dani’s work at Magic Makers on Saturday Dec 9th

For more on Dani’s work check out:


Instagram: @dani_robison