We are excited to have first time Magic Makers INDIGO ALICE DESIGNS sharing their Beautifully crafted hand formed jewelry.

We are a team of two queer Oakland-based friends that make handmade brass, silver and stone jewelry. We are also beginning to offer a zine on how to do home metalworking to make jewelry making more accessible to folks without a lot of money.

Pretty much every component in our jewelry is made by hand. We try to use vintage dead stock stones or ones cut in the US to reduce the negative impacts of mining. Part of our inspiration is to show that you don’t have to be a fancy femme to wear jewelry.

We believe there is ritual and magic in the handcrafting our jewelry because it is a laborious process. Metalworking feels like magical alchemy every time I do it, and adornment has been a part of ritual throughout humankind. We give a portion of our sales every fair to support various organizations such as legal aid for sex workers, reuniting families, prison abolition and more. We are making a zine to instruct people on how to do metalworking from home. cheaply, to make the craft accessible to more people. We often trade with people who like our jewelry but don’t have the money for it. We often have our trans/non-binary friends model for us because we are trying to oppose the idea that jewelry is just for femmes.

Indigo Alice Designs will be selling their work SATURDAY Dec 1st!