Maker Spotlight: Yes!GRITS!

Yes!GRITS is the dream of longtime friends Krista Smith and Vagina Jenkins. We’ve been serving up deliciousness for 3 years now. Yes!GRITS! is a pop-up southern comfort food experience, serving up a traditional southern breakfast food with an exciting California twist. Enjoy your grits traditional southern style or vegan, and remember, grits are a naturally gluten free food!


We are two southern/rural queer cis femmes (Krista’s white , Vag is Black) with working class roots who, as we attain Queer Elder status, are employing all the hustles we can in the pursuit of what middle class folk call “being comfortable.”

Krista and Vag have been making food for and with each other and for our beloved community for many a Sunday. Its always been a way of re-connecting with friends. A way of feeding and getting fed. A way of getting fueled for the week and work ahead.

Literally feeding our communities is the kind of support we wanna offer. For us, it means bringing our southern culinary traditions, sharing the food that made us who we are with the communities we love.

We use that tradition as a foundation for our grits. And build it up with fresh , locally sourced and organic ingredients. We want to offer our communities healing through comfort food.  We want to be a part of how folks sustain themselves. We wanna feed the revolution!

Hungry yet?