I want my work to inspire a love of nature and a greater integration of it into our lives. If we want to save our planet, we need to start seeing the value of every piece, and move back to a regenerative lifestyle in harmony with nature.

As a mixed race queer women of color I am forever aware of the ways that power and privilege play a role in how we market ourselves and our art. I constantly run the gambit of wanting to be paid fairly for my art and wanting to provide and affordable experience of beauty for my community. A lot of my magic is about finding that balance.

All of my creations come from a magical practice based on social justice principles. I hope to create a regenerative economical experience that overflows into more and more magical regeneration.

I’ve considered myself a witch and healer for about fours years now, but just recently started creating the Goddess Glam Hair Pieces. This will be the first show that I am a part of and I am extremely honored that Queer Magic Makers will forever be my debut.

My challenge is integrating the love of nature with a broader definition of what is natural. I forage all of the plant matter in the Goddess Glam, and I would like to expand the idea of foraging to include elements that we don’t traditionally think of as natural, but which are naturally abundant in our world.

I want an aesthetic based on the idea of reclaiming; reclaiming traditions, reclaiming artifacts, and reclaiming heritage.

I would like to see us organized to support each other’s work, so that we can collectively jumpstart an artist economy with the power of turning the economic tide for the greater community.

Phoenix (Woke Witch) will be at Magic Makers on Saturday Dec 9th!

Instagram: @Phoenixlovearmenta

Facebook: wokewitch

Etsy: wokewitch