Maker Spotlight: Wild Fancy

Wild Fancy Design makes handmade jewelry and accessories for fabulous folks of all genders. Our unique look is grounded in our commitment to sustainability– we use recycled raw brass for our stampings because it allows us to create affordable, long-lasting jewelry.


Wild Fancy was founded by two queer artists (Lex of Lex Non Scripta and Voula of Gold Dust Studio) in late 2013. While WFD is a relatively new project, we have both been artists/crafters since we were small children.


We work mostly with deadstock upcycled materials, including brass accents, vintage findings, and semi-precious stones. We launched Wild Fancy to create expanded fashion options for queers and masculine people, and to give people of all backgrounds a chance to express themselves and their identities.


Self-expression through fashion has always been an important part of queer identity- whether it’s about flagging, taking up space with your fabulous self, or defying gender norms. It feels really exciting and inspiring to know that our pieces will go out into the world and brighten people’s days, start interesting conversations, help queers get dates, or help remind folks what someone’s pronoun is.

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