Venadx is a gender non-specific, beyond the gender binary that means Deer in Spanish. Venadx is dedicated to queer healing justice by bringing affordable & high quality medicine made with organic plants grown from seed, with gentleness, respect,
love, & prayer to the collective environment.

Pablo, the creater and maker of Venadx explains; “My current projects is to bring good medicine to the people as well as information on how to make your own medicine. I share free recipes online on seasonal remedies and more.  I offer handmade soap, lip balm, oil infusions, incense cones , tinctures, lineaments, salves, Flower essences and Tea blends.”

I am excited to bring Powerful UndocuQueer Magic.

Pablo explains how their identity informs their creative process; “I am the child who picked up my mom’s chopped potatoes and the seeds from the fruits we would eat and plant them at the age of 4. I am that cousin who was not invited to parties because I danced too fem at the age of 6 years old . I am the kid sitting on the corner of the classroom, crying from “susto, espanto, miedo, y coraje” at the age of 12. Every time, the plants would just call me, they would just pull me as if I had a magnet and I would not resist, the times I did resisted, they would blow me kisses from far. Through my process, I call in the essence of those moments and my ancestors to support me As I make powerful magic. there are more things that inform my process, as most undocumented folks like myself, do not have healthcare access, and survival can be an everyday journey, so I am constantly thinking, the way I can bring organic, high quality medicine for mi communidad . I can go on. Just hit me up or talk to me at Queer Magic Makers”

 We definitely will and hope you will come out to meet and support the magic of Venadx.

For more info check out:

Instagram: @venadx

Facebook: Venadx.s