Venadx is a gender non-specific, beyond the gender binary that means Deer in Spanish. Venadx is dedicated to queer healing justice by bringing affordable & high quality medicine made with organic plants grown from seed, with gentleness, respect,
love, & prayer to the collective environment.

My current projects is to bring good medicine to the people as well as information on how to make your own medicine. I share free recipes online on seasonal remedies and more.  I offer handmade soap, lip balm, oil infusions, incense cones , tinctures, lineaments, salves, Flower essences and Tea blends.

My current projects have been learning my capacity, trusting myself and what is sacred to me , and allowing to be nourish by community. this year I continue to develop my relationship with the medicine, prayer and the femmiestations that I bring so that I can witness my community from a place of deep gentleness and care not just in a physical state but in the multi-layer realities that we live. in full presence. challenges? muchos! pero sigo aprendiendo.



Meet and support the magic of Venadx on DEC. SAT. 1st

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