Maker Spotlight: Two Chicks in the Mix

I make baked goods with unique and delicious ingredients including Lavender Pound Cake, Chicken Curry Pot Pies, cupcakes and pies with canned organic, low sugar fruit, and more. I have been baking and healing cravings for 3+ years now.


I work really hard on my business and my food because it’s important to me to serve people food that impresses them and goes beyond what they think is possible. Cooking food and baking relaxes and centers me and I appreciate it so much.


I’m going to continue to grow my business, perfect my craft, and do my best. My challenges are just continuing to create more Buzz around my company and figuring it all out. The queer community in Oakland has already done so much for me and brought so much to my business. I hope to continue to support other queer companies and communities and thrive off each other.


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