MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Two Chicks in the Mix

We are excited to have Two Chicks in the Mix taking over the kitchen and serving food all weekend at Magic Makers this year!

Two Chicks in the Mix is an exciting and innovative bakery. We have been in business for 3 years and serve delicious and unique baked goods from Lavender Pound Cake to Red Velvet Brownies. We prioritize quality, hard work and presentation in our brand and product.

Best friends since high school and women who are passionate about social enterprise and delectable pastries, we started our bakery to share our sweet treats and make the world a happier place!

We source all organic, local, ethical ingredients whenever possible. Everything is handmade and from scratch.

I am a queer Black femme using my company to build wealth for myself, family and community

Malaka will be serving up delicious sweet and savory treats all weekend!

Come get fed on Sat Dec 9th and Sun Dec 10th!