Please Welcome The Stood to Queer Magic Makers 2017!


We are a group of queer artists of color whose work centers our communities and identities. We share a studio space which we open to movement groups or artist friends for art making and meetings. This will be our first collaboration vending together. Each of us has a unique connection to and perspective on liberation and healing.

As the Stoood, we hope that we are cultivating a space for creativity that not only bolsters our own work but that has positive impacts in the communities we’re connected to. We hope that a queer creative community can expand and play with the ways that we conceptualize art, creativity, and what media we use while creating.


At Magic Makers, we’ll have a selection of screenprints, block prints, t-shirts, posters, cards, ceramics, booklets/chapbooks/zines.


As a group, we’ve been lucky to share a studio space that is all queer POC for almost a year. Individually, we’ve each been practicing our various crafts for years, some for several decades


Check The Stoood out Sunday Dec 10th @ Magic Makers 2017!

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