MAKER SPOTLIGHT: The Community Medicine Cabinet

We are excited to welcome The Community Medicine Cabinet to their first ever Magic Makers!
Madalyn Berg curates Emotional Self Care Kits, Herbal First Aid Kits, art, jewelry and a small range of individual herbal products.
“I am a queer, sick, white passing, mixed, latina, bay area native running a business centering empowering people to take care of themselves. I am an herbalist, artist and educator and I consider my business part herbalism, part art as social practice. I place an emphasis on bringing forward the spirit of the plants and working in an ethical, sustainable and beautiful way.
I believe imbalances are influenced by our internal and external worlds, so I take into account our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies in relationship with external forces. When making formulas I deeply consider what would be supportive in this political, social and ecological moment and I try and find creative ways to support people and undermine systems of oppression.
I grow about half of the plants I make medicine with and source whatever I can from fresh cultivated plants locally. I use well water and organic alcohol and consider medicine making a gift and a ritual. I do all my own labeling, bottling, and graphic design. My art practice is inspired by artists like Ana Mendieta who spoke about our bodies and their relationship to the environment from the heart.
I see my work as inherently political and consider my business a platform for individual and collective healing. I offer free formulas through a pay-it-forward system, offer low-cost quick consultations, donate my time for folks that cannot afford to pay for a consultation, and strive to support other herbalists in their work.”
Come meet Madalyn and pick up some self-care kits on Sunday Dec 10th!