MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Ten Minute Portraits

We are excited to welcome back portrait artist, Roxana- who will be doing live 10 minute portraits for you and selling other prints.


Art empowers me to represent my identity and my body as a mixed race, Muslim, queer, brown non-binary femme nerd without compromising my vision by someone else’s vocabulary.

Through art, I can illustrate my identity with a complexity, depth and nuance that I cannot achieve using language.portraits

My vision for my current portrait project is to provide 100% participant satisfaction while being fully present and seeing each person, producing art at my maximum technical skill, and my maximum capacity as a healer and art therapist. This is a new practice for me, and is always a challenge, especially within a 10 minute time limit.portraits2

I’m excited for the opportunity to see and draw my community as they want to be seen and drawn.

To see more of Roxana’s 10 minute portraits and other art, use her instagram handle @rox_inx