MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Ten-Minute Portraits

I offer sliding scale on-the-spot portrait sessions in black ink as accessible art therapy. I also offer prints of my original drawings, many of which depict femme, fat, hairy, queered melanated bodies.

As a portrait artist representing bodies that are not my own, I’m constantly working to be aware of and access my own ability to show up with integrity as a queer brown femme person with thin light-skin and educational privilege.

In my prints, I often draw aspects of my (and other people’s) body that are seen as least desirable, in an effort to recognize those parts of us that deserve recognition, respect, and representation and don’t often receive that in mass produced images.


Roxana will be providing prints and portraits on Saturday Dec. 9th. For more about Roxana, follow the links below.

Instagram: @rox_inx

Facebook: roxana.dhada