Maker Spotlight: Steadfast Herbs

We are both artists and crafters who have been making herbal remedies for ourselves and our friends for years but this specific project of Steadfast Herbs is now two years old. Now that we are able to grow our own herbs, we are excited to bring medicines made from plants we’ve tended from seed to harvest. We are also excited to bring a new version of First Aid Kits that are now more compact and more affordable!


I think for both of us queer is pretty expansive. It means challenging the narratives we were given about ourselves and the world. Queer means talking to plants, and listening to dirt and challenging industrial capitalism and examining settler-ism and white supremacy, and leaving room in our lives for mystery and magic.


We want to continue to provide high quality plant medicine directly to our communities and to continue to expand the Herbal Remedy CSA. One of the challenges we face is wanting to provide remedies that are affordable while also being able to pay ourselves for all the time and labor we put into creating our remedies. Growing and harvesting everything ourselves feels really crucial, but it also takes time out from our other paid gigs.


Trying to create a business as anti-capitalists is an interesting and challenging experiment. Right now we offer our Herbal Remedy CSA on a sliding scale basis, and we’re donating medicine to organizations working for economic and racial justice like Causa Justa and Puente while also donating medicines to movements like the camps at Standing Rock. Both the vision and the challenges are always in process!

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