MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Spells For Queer Self Love

We are excited to be in Queer celebration with Spells For Queer Self Love !!!! Kayla and Napaquetzalli are a powerful couple of queers bringing inspirational spells to Magic Makers! 

We want to see self-love as a catalyst and tool in our community!

Our offering for this event will center on activating self love with spellwork and art, which we believe is the best way to tap into your deepest power and our collective liberation.


Kayla, as a black, queer femme, I operate from the ethos “I will not contribute to my own destruction”. I create work and choose methods that honor and uplift the communities I belong to and their intersections.I am curious about where design, art, and activism meet, and how to use elements of each to create useful aesthetics for liberation. I create art and design in service of marginalized bodies and minds, including my own. I make prints and affirmation cards to remind myself as much as anyone of the strength found in the unique power of POC, queer, and other marginalized communities.

Napa, as queer two-spirit Xicanx/Indigenous (Yaqui/Apache), my praxis focuses on being a resource for my community and creating radical transformations by reclaiming herbal medicine and ancestral healing. I believe in the strength of magic to create revolutionary shifts both internally and externally.As a healer I am a vessel for ancestors and serve as a bridge between those seeking guidance on their spiritual journeys and giving folks tangible tools for wellness and spiritual elevation, especially for queer/trans and working class folks of color.

Spells for Queer Self Love will be selling their magic Sunday Dec 2nd!

Instagram: @napaquetzalli & @dame_danger


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