Please help us welcome Soulful Pride to their first Magic Makers Fair!

I personally feel that being a Queer Woman of Color & Soulful Pride goes hand-in-hand, it reaches out to ALL, and not just to the LGBTQ community, however, in this case, I WANT my bracelets to reach out to my peoples who needs to see what I got going on.

I make, what I call, healing bracelets in form of macrame, which is VERY RARE for a sistah such as myself to create & you don’t see that often because the majority of macrame hemp bracelet makers are…white.  I’ve been making these variety of bracelets for 4 years & I love what I do, and others LOVE my bracelets, it gives them peace & happiness, which makes me happy 🙂 .

I’m also an author of two poetry books entitled “Poetic Like Me” & “A Divine Love High”, by Poetic Old Soul (Me lol), my books will only be $15; I’ve been just a queer artist in general for…years lol…it’s just been 3 years since I’ve stepped foot into the queer space of Oakland; so to get my bracelets & books exposed to the Queer scene of Oakland again would be an honor.  

As far as my poetry books, they were published & the words that I’ve written are a variety, but it’s always queer themed through the eyes of my life, whether it’ll be romantic or healing or missing my Mother (God Rest Her Soul), anything that’ll help feel as though you can relate to my words.

The inspiration for these bracelets are African inspired, Chakras, LGBTQ, anything to do with healing & uplifting my people as a whole…plus…I love colorful styles that pop.  

My bracelets represents healing, it represents showing others that aye, I’m bisexual or LGBTQ, my bracelets are far different from your average macrame hemp bracelet, they stand out, especially if they’re made by an African-American woman who’s born & raised in the Bay Area, for I’ve been exposed to art all my life…and as a queer woman of color, I want my bracelets to represent the community, which I feel it does, for they’re colorful, cute, amazing, earthy, queer & of course…artsy.  I’ve always wanted to vend at Magic Makers ever since a (homeless) queer couple were vending there in late 2014 (they made my Soulful Pride logo & they had my bracelets in the past). People feel so GOOD when they wear my bracelets, they feel healed, so I want to expand, step out of my comfort zone & FINALLY come back to Oakland to share my healing wares to this wonderful event!

Come meet Tiffany Wallace on Sunday Dec10th and pick up some healing bracelets!

Instagram: @poeticoldsoul