We are excited to have Show & Tell returning to Magic Makers 2017!!

Reclaimed/ Reworked vintage apparel  with slogans of resistance and affirmation and a line of handcrafted apparel and accessories featuring textiles that honor and celebrate the African diaspora.

As a black queer woman of color I feel like my liberation, and that of my communities, is dependent on our ability to define and create ourselves. We must take up space in a society that was built to minimize our contributions and erase our existence.

 I adopted fashion as a tool of self expression, and later resistance, early in life and with my work hope to encourage Black, Brown, and Queer folks to live unapologetically.

My desire is to create modern, long lasting, statement pieces that encourage folks to reconnect with culture and re/claim identities that have been stripped away. The textiles that I work with have beens sourced by my mother over the past 3 decades.

Instagram: @showtelloakland

Facebook: ShowAndTellConceptShop