Maker Spotlight: Show & Tell Oakland

Show & Tell is the brain child of retail veterans Alyah Baker and Nichole Payton. A lifestyle brand, concept shop, gallery, and gathering space located in vibrant downtown Oakland.

The idea for show and tell came out of Payton and Baker’s shared desire to make their community and the broader world a better and more stylish place, while having as much fun as possible.
Show & Tell serves as a platform for unique, fashion forward apparel and accessories, artwork, and housewares with a focus on local independent designers, sustainable fashion, cause driven brands , ethically sourced and produced goods and products made in the USA.


This year in particular I’ve been very interested in exploring my relationship to Femme identity which was the starting point for the POWER FEMME collection that I developed.


I’m dedicated to producing more apparel collections that speak to various aspects of the Queer Experience and that work for a broad range of bodies and identities. Producing these collections in an extremely ethical manner and at accessible prices is a challenge that I’m currently working through.

Visit Show & Tell’s website to learn more!