ROOTS OF RESISTANCE is the 5 year project of Sade Musa. Sade is a community herbalist, microbiologist, and nutrition educator who runs a black queer-owned apothecary, wellness consultation, workshops, and zines on holistic health, disability awareness, and afro-ethnobotany.  For Magic Makers, some of the products Roots of Resistance is excited to offer include: In The Spirit self-love elixer,  nourishing Vitality Broth, and Raging Rag reproductive health tea.

My apothecary currently carries herbal remedies for pain, high blood pressure/cardiovascular issues, gut health, menstrual issues; nourishing tonics for stress, anxiety, and building vitality; herbal first aid kits and wound healing sprays; and fragrance-free and herbal infused body care.

But Roots of Resistance is not just a “products line”, its an educational project that seeks to help folks reclaim healing ways interrupted by colonization, to disrupt narratives which invisibilize Afro-diasporic contributions to medicine, and bring attention to health disparities and other forms of health injustice – such as food justice and environmental racism.

As a Black woman, I rarely I see myself reflected in healing spaces. My peoples’ healing ways are often erased and that erasure hurts. This motivates me to do the work of reclaiming those plant stories for myself and my community.

“I want it to be a safe and accessible space for folks that are low-income, Black, and disabled.
I want to see spaces that are safe for folks to express the beauty and vibrancy of their existence.”
We are so honored to have Roots of Resistance vending Saturday Dec 9th at Magic Makers.
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