Maker Spotlight: Ritual & Repeat

Ritual & Repeat is a brand that blends the knowledges of Western Clinical Herbalism and Hoodoo Folk Magic to create relevant tools for coping, spiritual manifestation, and harm-reduction.

Originally intended to provide a non-addictive smokable alternative to tobacco, the brand has since evolved to include herbal formulas that enhance romantic intimacy and encourage creativity and intuitive wisdom, for example. I now offer 4 unique and original, organic loose herb blends that are safe to smoke, brew as tea, or add to a bath!


It’s important that the survival technologies of Black communities who endured slavery not be forgotten or devalued, and Ritual & Repeat, as a result, seeks to honor the hybridity and resilience inherent in Hoodoo. The tradition was born in the Mississippi Delta, from which my ancestors migrated North, and being in a process of recovering and remixing it helps me fear nearer to them.

My queerness, Blackness, and identity as a survivor have always led me toward pursuits that help my communities to manage trauma and feel supported.


I hope for us to heal. That word’s thrown around a lot but my deepest wish truly is for each of us to be in a continual process of better understanding and loving ourselves, and that our community is a container for that work, rather than a place of competition and judgement.

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