Maker Spotlight: Rebekah Erev Studio

I’m excited to bring Moon Tools Workbook, a workbook that facilitates a process of using the cycle of the moon to move through creative work and new habits. I made it with Elsa Asher and it’s a project I have a lot of excitement about. Also lots of things with boobs on them and of course the Moon Angels/Malakh Halevanah Decks!


I’ve always sought a Judaism of my own and linked my politics and spirituality. That feels innate to me. As an artist I’m myself so what I make is an expression of all I care about inside brought to life outside of me, made with my hands.


I’m visioning getting the Moon Angels out in the world more and am currently working a lot on marketing. One of the challenges I’ve encountered is that it’s super vulnerable to be seen. To share my creative work and to literally show my face (I”ve been making videos that talk more about each card in the deck).


Half of the proceeds from the boob poster sales this year will go to the Birth Justice Project and Planned Parenthood. I want to see people in financial abundance around doing what they love and care about in a way the merges true expression with liberation for all.

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