MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Process Daily Ceramics

We are so excited to welcome Process Daily Ceramics to Magic Makers this year!

“I’m a queer black potter who makes household dinner and kitchenware. I’ve been working with clay for three years now, and my style tends to be earthy, simple and functional. I began working as a potter after years of working with my hands in gardens and on farms, and wanted a way to visualize and celebrate the abundance of food in my life.


I was raised by women of color who didn’t have time or space for much besides work and struggle. It’s become invaluable for me to have the time and the space to build an autonomous creative practice. Working with clay draws me particularly close to the identity lenses through which I see myself — black people working with their hands has been tied for a long time to exploitation. Seeing myself beyond that story has been freeing, to say the least.

I envision my work as setting the scene for communities’ capacity to share food and life. My area of work is functional kitchen- and homeware, and I think a lot while working about how my work can bring people to the same dinner tables, coffee tables, and beyond. I also cook, and working with both clay and food during the day remind me of the intimate connections I draw between the things I am able to do with my hands.


My work is meant to be shared, and I’m excited to be welcomed into Magic Makers and to be in a community of creators and healers. Magic Makers is my first time selling my work as part of a collective bazaar of this sort, and I bring with me excitement and gratitude.

Come out and support Makshya Tolbert on Sunday Dec 10th

Instagram: @processdaily

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