Maker Spotlight: Poemas de Luz


As a self-identified queer chilexican@, my healing/ decolonization from heteropatriarchy and white supremacy has been empowered by my encounter and relationship with crystals and stones. They have aided and guided me on my path of healing through decolonization by reintroducing me to intuition, which is one way I have been able to connect these mineral helpers to the humans they intend to assist.



We know that as QTPOC we experience disproportionate levels of oppression and trauma. I believe the project of decolonization is being aided by Pachamama through the reclamation of ancestral knowledge of being in and with the world. My identity as QTPOC positions me in an undulating path of healing through decolonization. Crystal and stone magic has presented itself to me on this path and allows me space to experiment and play with different ways of bringing their intrinsic magic to all who are open to experiencing it.


The moonstones, labradorites, and other feldspars are excellent for bringing hidden things to the fore, and facilitating creativity and emotional connection for one to sense the un-hidden things in new ways. Poemas de Luz is a reference to this quality in stones.


I will also be offering crystal and stone grids to assist brujxs with various things we encounter in our healing- I would like to offer combinations of focus/ concentration, creativity, empathy/ heart-opening, community-building, truth-speaking, and grounding/ protective energies on various grids.


I want and hope for our queer creative community to connect with each others struggles and joy. I want our art to open up spaces in our hearts and minds for accepting our and others uniqueness and authenticity. I hope the hearths in our bodies burn hot fires for justice and truth. I want us to feel the magic of our being here on this plane, together. I want us to celebrate and carry each other as much as we can, and put our love into those places and people that call for it. I want our love to come out in a fury and show during times when it’s easier to abandon and withdraw. I want us to be patient with our individual and collective processes. I want us to be impatient with injustice. I want conflict and I want resolution. I want us to liberate each other by working on liberating ourselves, together.

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