Please welcome Plantstare to this year’s Magic Makers!


Plantstare creates weird original illustrations as well as prints of those originals. Most of the work contains things such as eyes, hands, magic, rituals, crystals, plants, and funky character doodles! Plantstare thinks that all of the work could hold a personal or relate-able place for folks. Plantstare makes what is appealing to them, whether it comes from an emotional space or a visual one. Allowing others who dig Plantstare’s work to make their own interpretation out of it is pretty satisfying to Plantstare as an illustrator.



Being as it is Plantstare’s first year vending at Magic Makers, Plantstare is very stoked to be given the opportunity to present this personal work and energy.

Plantstare will be joining us on Saturday Dec 9th!

Instagram: @plantstare