Pink Light Botanicals and Paolo Acupuncture are excited to bring organic handmade herbal skin care  and Chinese herbal soup blends for immunity and longevity for the winter holidays. We will also be available to talk about our services and how they can support queer and trans communities of the Bay Area.

Paolo is a QTPOC acupuncturist with a specialty in trans health, and offers myriad events focusing on QTPOC community.

Amber is a queer white cis woman who offers healing skin care services and waxing in a setting meant to be comfortable and welcoming to all bodies, ethnicities, and identities.

Amber has been brewing her magic skincare products and providing queers with facials and waxing services for 6 + years. Paolo has been giving acupuncture to QTPOC Community and beyond for 2 + years.


Both Paolo and Amber promote self care and wellness and self love to help the folks they work with to find deep healing and inner peace with which they can do their best work in the world.