Please Welcome Pearlsdeep to this year’s Magic Makers! 


I’m excited to bring clothes that strive to create a celebratory environment for trans and fat people. I’m really excited about all this wild fabric Ive got stashed for queer magic makers, and all the beautiful stuff it’s going to turn in to. I make body affirmative femme clothing, specifically for fat and trans people.


I am disgusted by the privilege of access to sexy affirming clothing and images that thin cis people have in opposition to fat and/or gender nonconforming people.

I am inspired by the long lineage of femme self adornment as resistance. My understanding of creating clothing for fat and trans people comes most importantly from communication with the people I am designing for about their desires for their clothing and their bodies. I listen to what will physically and spiritually make someone feel at home or empowered or anything they desire and use that to inform my design choices.

Instagram: pearlsdeep