MAKER SPOTLIGHT: obsidian moon art and astrology


Jaliessa Sipress is an artist, student, astrologer, and healer working under the project Obsidian Moon Art and Astrology. Her work is a raw visualization of manifesting healing in her life. Jaliessa wants to create craft that is both consumable and personal to QTPOC and all survivors of trauma, to create small reminders that we do not need to be relegated to merely surviving.piscesfile

Obsidian Moon Art will be offering prints, posters, tarot deck pouches and many other healing products.

As Jaliessa puts it: “My work is about my identities and serves to help me examine their intersections as well as explore visual modes of embodying these intersections. As a black, mixed-race, spiritual queer femme, I cannot help but to make artwork saturated with magic and politic. “


“I would love to see so many more spaces created for us to manifest new visions of the world the have come out of our ability to thrive in a world that does not want us alive. Queer and Trans People of Color’s survival is a creative endeavor and we deserve to have the tools to communicate and process our means of survival while also having space to envision and enliven our dreams for our personal and collective futures.”

You can find out more about Jaliessa at: