MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Mixed-up Zines from Mixed Race Queer Feminists + Radical Queereans.

Mixed up & The Radical Queerians  will be spotlighting two big zine projects at Magic Makers this year. We want to give folks the chance to see themselves reflected, connect and learn from perspectives that are not circulated.

1. The Mixed Up! Mixed-race, Queer and Feminist (MRQF) Zine crew just finished volume 2, which is all about relationships, experiences and memories with food. The MRQF zine crew is dedicated to elevating queer and trans mixed-race/heritage voices, to connect and together.


2. The Radical Queerean (queer korean) zine crew just finished wrapping up our first 10-wk intensive on Radical Korean History via an anti-imperialist lens, and we are in the midst of creating a zine to share what we learned! We also would sell a zine about the struggles with the US military on Jeju Island and two other zines on being queer and Korean-American.14212212_739358206213092_4870169870261636828_n

Our zine crews are fueled by an urgency to unbury, facilitate, uplift the reclamation of one’s identities


As a collective our goal and vision is to exchange more stories, to build empowering historical knowledge, to nurture compassion across communities. We want to see and share the beautiful and powerful ways qtpoc heal themselves + support one another

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