MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Mixed Race Queer & Feminist Zines

We are thrilled to welcome back Mixed Up! Mixed-Race, Queer + Feminist (MRQF) Zine. The MRQF zine crew is dedicated to elevating queer and trans mixed-race/mixed-heritage voices and giving folks the chance to connect with and learn from perspectives that are not circulated

Mixed-Up will be selling an array of sliding scale zines and prints as well as selling the work of TextaQueen, a former oakland based queer illustrator who creates collective expressions & illustrations of feminist, queer, racial and cultural identities.

“Our zine crew is fueled by an urgency to unbury, facilitate and uplift the reclamation of one’s multiple identities and intersections. We hope to facilitate the exchange of more lgbtqia mixed-race/mixed-heritage experiences, build empowering historical knowledge, and nurture compassion across the multiple communities qtpoc of mixed heritage navigate.”

Mixed-Up’s vision is to exchange more stories, to build empowering historical knowledge and to nurture compassion across communities. They was to see the creation of multiple ways to share the beautiful and powerful ways qtpoc heal themselves + support one another.  Help make that happen and support their work Saturday Dec 9th at Magic Makers!
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