Maker Spotlight: Mi Bolsa

Mi Bolsa is a creative process and project weaving together sobriety, grief, familia, survival and homemaking to produce frivolous, gorgeous,useful, wearable and affordable art that you put things in.


I learned to sew on my mama’s lap & tragic home economics courses but only began a solid practice in May of 2016.

Im excited to offer my community functional, wearable art and unique bags that are made with their needs & aesthetic in mind.

I want to be intentional with where I source my materials though so Im hoping to find other QT & POC folks to support (textile artists, business owners, etc) as I expand.


Mi Bolsa is the place you keep everything you need. It’s the great mysterious bag of tricks, fixes and pleasures that knows exactly what to offer a runny nose, a hungry tummy, a bee sting or a scraped knee. It’s the home you carry with you. It’s the survival kit that gets you through the day.