Many Hands is the work of Lina Garcia-Schmidt, a multiracial xicana/boricua who works in food, writing, art, & music and  Althea Solis, who identifies as genderqueer, diasporic, Pilipinx, a teacher and an artist.


Together we share mutual awareness of colonial trauma, experience in service work, and a history of mental illness. This history informs our collaborative work and enables us to support each other. The zines we are bringing to Magic Makers focus on the experience of marginalized bodies in food service work, reframing the experience of trauma, self love, and mindfulness of oneself and others within a white supremacist society.









While we come from different backgrounds — Lina is mixed race Mexican and Puerto Rican and Althea is Filipinx — we have bonded and felt a sense of solidarity over a shared awareness of historic erasure. Solidarity is often an overused/empty term, and we are manifesting our solidarity by finding connections across our shared colonized ancestry and using this connection to trace a new shape across identities. Creatively, we are using our relationship to explore new mediums and support each other’s endeavors, find universalities in our experience, and process trauma.

We hope to see an affirming space where people feel comfortable being our whole selves. We are looking for a community that uses language to communicate and share experiences but not police — action over jargon!

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