MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Many Hands Cooperative

We are excited to welcome Many Hands Cooperative to another year at Magic Makers!

Many Hands CoOp debuted their work at Magic Makers 2016. They are a collective of queer, majority working-class people of color who make books and zines.

“It goes without saying that our perspectives inform our works, even when it is not explicitly mentioned. For many of us, our work is a place to transform our pain into healing. It is also a place to hold our hope and celebrate our resilience with self-love and dreams for the future.

Our members range across different communities — 3/4th of us are trans, 3/4 are people of color, 1/2 are chronically ill/disabled, and 1/4 are mixed race. Our experience combined already embodies the diversity and intersections in our communities, and it is mainly personal experiences and stories that inspire our work. We explore these themes in autobiographical works as well as providing informed, interactive materials such as workbooks that are consciously inclusive of varying needs and experiences.

We make both digital and hand-made prints with queer themes. Our cooperative embodies and explores intersections, not just of race and gender, but of class, disability, neurodivergence, and queer and transgender experiences.

There is a process of healing that comes from creating from these experiences, which often feel complex and heavy when we are dealing with the day by day reality of our lived experiences but feel lighter, more organized, more understandable, more validated through the process of creating.

Our zines are spaces to tease out the kinks of our lived experiences. Our art represents what words cannot. Specifically, our current line of zines address chronic illness, working in food service, childhood trauma, questioning gender, and the practice of self-love against all odds.

We have started printing stickers, buttons, and t-shirts in addition to our range of smaller, black and white and larger, high quality, full color zines. We now have a much larger range of zines of varying sizes and subject matter from chronic illness and invisible disabilities to the intersections of gender, race, and class.”

Check out Many Hands Coop’s new work on Sunday Dec 10th!


Tumblr: manyhandscooperative