Please help us welcome Yolandi Guerrero of Luna Productions!

My magic/art moves in the direction of light, in the direction that gets me closer to my ancestors. My craft is my way of offering and returning to their love, this is the best way I know how to honor them.

The theme I am exploring right now is the idea of an underwater world called the Galactic Caribbean, where I am imaging and drawing from my own visions of the spirits and bodies that remain underwater in this world whose roadmaps I’ve barely just begun to unravel within myself. As I make and work on this ongoing project I honor the knowledge of the spirits and helping ancestors. I honor specifically the Yoruba, Santeria and Palomonte heritage/religiosity/faith/practice.








My visions are to create whole worlds that give people the ability to start thinking about what world they want to live in as well. I make my own paper from recycled materials and by using a blender. 














My work is specifically working to rescue and resist the forgetting that is consistently being demanded by our people. I work to sell my art on a scale that is affordable and equitable for whoever is interested in purchasing. Yet, I feel like what I am seeking right now is also to have the art exchange and selling of our crafts be a magical and collaborative experiences.

Luna Productions will be selling on   Saturday Dec 1st!