Lua Cheia is a small, eco-feminist, queer immigrant womxn of color-run business committed to providing safe, sustainable & holistic menstrual products for a healthy environment and happy vulvas.12823475_484051271800779_9202117250513618876_o

I’m excited to bring 100% cotton, sustainable, QWOC-made reusable menstrual pads AKA Moontime Flannels™, as well as organic herbal allies for the moon cycle: PMS tinctures, smoking blends, teas, cramp balms,  and herbal blends for yoni steams.img_3169Lua Cheia is a preservation of my blood line. It is a calling for me to connect with and reclaim my own blood, my own brown body, my own culture, my family’s traditions, and my commitment to living gently on this planet. As someone who was assigned female at birth, I have been socialized to carry shame and fear around my blood, and so I make menstrual products that support and inspire bleeders (of all genders) to reconnect with and honor the power of their blood.

My vision is to begin doing radical menstrual health education with Lua Cheia through workshops, zines, rituals, gatherings, and skill-shares.

I hope for our community to become self-sustaining, and to create new models of working and thriving in ways that respect each other and the growing and shifting needs of our planet.large-5-pack

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