MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Love Letters 4 Liberation


I’m deeply invested in making art that affirms marginalized identities that are similar to my own. Therefore my work places an emphasis on Black, queer, and trans folx, and also seeks to affirm sex workers, femmes, and other identities erased or left out of mainstream movements. img_1218

My vision is to create more work that explores and de-stabilizes gender concepts/binaries. My challenge is finding the time to make art around a relatively time consuming day job.


Being left out of the representation of so many places as a Black Queer person, it’s an honor to try to create messages and images that pay homage to the too often invisible.img_3648


I’m from Arizona, so just seeing and getting to engage with a vibrant queer community feels life saving for me. The ways in which our queerness informs who we intentionally seek to include and the ways we affirm and support rather than compete with each other are things I value/want to see from creative queer community. Skill sharing is a huge plus for me as a new artist. I’m stoked to bring clothes, patches, and stickers that spread messages of love and liberation for black queer and trans folks.


Come see more of Matice’s prints at Magic Makers 2015 or browse the goods on Etsy