MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Kaya Sattva Jewelry

I’m excited to bring to Magic Makers the precious jewelry that I am divinely inspired to make all of which is imbued with beauty, delicacy, elegance, and magic.


I am a woman of color.  I first identified as queer 24 years ago and have felt that the QTPOC community, particularly its service providers, has been my second family ever since.  As a jeweler I am proud to provide couples in our beloved community with engagement rings, wedding rings, and other jewelry pieces that signifies their long lasting commitment to Love and marriage equality.


I create fine jewelry made with recycled metals (silver and gold) and gemstones.

My creative process is the very nature of which I am, and can be identified by, is reflected in my designs which shows evidence of integrity, simplicity, detail, balance, sexiness, and soulfulness.