MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Katy Jayne Jewelry



I have been working with my hands and crafting my whole life but I have been working in metal for about 2 years. I took a metalsmith class when I was feeling lonely and lost, and that class changed so much for me. The creative process, and more specifically working with my hands, has connected me back to myself.  Sharing it with folks at Magic Makers is a dream come true for me.


I have always worn jewelry as an armor, as a shield.  Femme Armour, a jewelry line that I’m constantly expanding, comes from that place of wanting to put work into the world that supports the wearer in feeling their own strength.  Self-expression has been my most powerful survival mechanism. The work I make is intended to not only aid in our individual and collective survival, but to inspire courage, strength and a fierce self-love.


As my work develops I want to create more cohesive collections that draw from my creative vision of Femme Armour – a line that speaks directly to the experience of femme folks.  When I think about this project, I want my work to be true to my creative vision while also being accesible to other femmes.

moon-and-ringsI want to be part of a queer creative community that actively supports each other in our growth. I want us to see the gifts we all bring and engage with each other to shine light on both our individual pursuits and the magic we can create together.

As I work with metal, fire and stone I feel more connected to me. And now I feel like I get to share my language with you


For more on Katy’s jewels and projects :    instagram: @katyjaynejewelry