This year at Magic Makers we are welcoming artist, muralist and printmaker, Jessica Sabogal. Jessica will be selling a variety of limited prints, t-shirts, stickers and “artwork that disrupts”.

As a first generation queer Colombian American muralist, its my job to inject the narratives I do not see in the public (art) sphere.

 As artists, it is our duty to uplift the sacredness of women, people of color, the disabled, queer and trans folks, immigrants and the undocumented, and our indigenous brothers and sisters, whom history has forced to believe are less than human.  

I believe in the right to our own liberation, unbounded by man-made borders, white supremacy, misogyny, and xenophobia. My goal is disrupt, to force a new dialogue. My goal is disrupt, to force a new dialogue. Using public art as a tool, I confront white supremacy and the oppressive rhetoric that has been fueled by our current political climate.

Jessica Sabogal will be selling their work Saturday Dec 1st!




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