We are happy to welcome back Magic Maker favorite, Francis Mead, the brilliant illustrator and creator of Illustrated Truths. Francis is excited to offer some regular bestselling prints and cards and will also be showcasing a brand new collection of illustrations that are in color and larger! She will also be debuting a new project of medicinal soaps.

Francis has been creating her entire life, though it has been in the last 5 years she has been growing her work as a creative business. Describing her creative process, Francis states- “My identity and ancestry as a multiracial Black queer mother informs so much of my creative process and the intentions behind my work. Its very important to me to honor the spirits around me and the radical, queer, dreamers who got me/us to this present moment in time. My work always seeks to uplift, inspire and liberate my peoples, like so many other qtpoc creatives and healers before me.”

Francis continues to grow as an artist and has many visions for Illustrated Truth: “I envision going on an Illustrated Truths tour to other spaces/places outside of the bay and California to build with folk, and use my art in a practical way. I want to publish my pieces in book form and collaborate with other creatives in projects. I want to see my art as a bridge for healing and community. The challenges I see are always material in Babylon, making sure there are enough funds to manifest vision. But its important to me to not be limited by the material, because we are much bigger and more infinite then that.”

“I hope and envision a queer community building autonomously with one another on the basic of love and liberation. I want to see an intergenerational queer community that includes family at its base. now that I am a mother it has become so important to me to build with other queer parents and create spaces outside of the night life scenes, although i honor the sacredness of the queer club. Its important that we are building sacred space in all parts of our lives.”

Make sure to come out Saturday Dec 9th to get some of these amazing prints and check out more of her work at:

Instragram: @girasoulll

Etsy:  illustratedtruths