We’d like to welcome Femme Science back for another round of Magic Makers!

We are queer femmes from working class households so we chose to put those w similar identities at the center of who we cater to. Meghan’s Blackness and Mahina’s commitment to POC liberation also informs our donations and commitment to providing people of color and especially Black people with affordable or free herbal medicine.

We are currently working on transitioning our business to a place where we grow at least 70% of the plants we make medicine with on our farm in Hawaii. As of today, we are at about 50%.

Our biggest challenges are giving the seeds time to transform into mature and sustainable plants before we harvest them while also keeping up with the demands of our apothecary. Also, the wild pigs of Hawaii keep tearing up our garden!

We want to see abundance and makers feeling validated and empowered in their work. While we know that ultimately money is evil, we also understand it’s power in keeping us alive. We wish for our fellow makers and ourselves the ability to gain capital by working on something that feeds both the maker and the consumer. We wish for our queer community to always be able to find love in craft.

Femme Science will be joining us on Sunday Dec 10th

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Etsy: FemmeScience