Please help us welcome our newest ice cream/popsicle crafter, Jaymes Luu of Fat Face!

Jaymes Luu makes handcrafted popsicles and ice cream with attention to flavor, fun, and farms.

As a Vietnamese refugee transman who grew up in the South, food has always been a way for me to connect to my communities. Expressing myself through food has been a way to bridge my various identities and share that with others. Borrowing elements of the fine dining experience that I’ve worked in and bringing my background and full self to work, I’m able to make “gourmet” products without pretension.

Since I started the business in 2005, I’ve built relationships with local farmers and producers to source ingredients for my products. This reflects my desire to build community where I can, support other business vendors I believe in, and make the best tasting product I can. But while the farm to table “movement” is largely White, I aim to make food that is more accessible to folks in the communities I came from. I want to create flavorful and fun products that encourages the connection of joy through discovery of good food.

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I have and continue to prioritize QTPOC in my hiring, provide a safe space to learn and develop, and support their growth in and out of the business.

Jaymes will be selling their delicious treats on Saturday Dec 9th!