We are thrilled to welcome Escobar Comics to Magic Makers!

Trinidad Escobar is a mother, cartoonist, illustrator, educator and writer. She makes comics and poetry-comics and just finished a graphic novel published by Rosarium, 2018!

“My comics are short stories that are historical fiction (based on pre-colonial and colonial Islander histories), dreamwork storytelling (dreams and nightmares as told by folks who live with depression and anxiety/PTSD), and/or surrealist/magical surrealist mythology and folklore from the Philippines. I print and hand-bind all of my books.

I combine my personal connection to indigenous Philippine spiritual practices (Kulam, magick, sorcery, Buddhist demonology, etc) to political and personal decolonizing practices here in America. These two umbrella concepts make the foundation for nearly all of my work.

My illustrations are traditional, tactile paper and ink or paper and watercolor pieces. I am a freelance illustrator and cartoonist full time and teach a Race and Comics at California College of the Arts. I also offer sliding-scale community art workshops in Oakland and Berkeley for women of color, non-binary and trans folks of color, and youth.

Additionally, I am the newest Teaching Artist at PRO ARTS. I teach two healing-arts classes at REACH Academy and New Highland Academy. I am currently teaching these classes while simultaneously working on my next full-length graphic novel, Of Sea And Venom.”

Come check out Trinidad Escobar’s work at Magic Makers on Sunday Dec 10th

Instagram: @escobarcomics