MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Dancing Egret Herbal Apothecary

We are excited to have Dancing Egret Herbal Apothecary for the first time this year at Magic Makers!!

 Dancing Egret Herbal Apothecary is excited to bring their magic to a craft fair for the first time. “We come bringing our love for each other and our love for the natural world. We bring playfulness and joy as well as a serious commitment to hard work. We make a funky twist on an old classic – fruit roll-ups. We make fruit leathers that are rollable, with flavors that are in season and local. We never use any sugar and only organic fruits and vegetables, dehydrated and packaged by hand. They are sold individually, in packs of five, or ten.”

Dancing Egret Herbal Apothecary uses recycled glass, beeswax and recycled soy wax for our candles. We infuse them with essential oils, fresh and dried herbs and flowers.


As two queer, multiracial POC, we see our craft as helping to form and strengthen alternative economies that are removed from the extraction, oppression and greed that devastates our communities and our people. We make things that make our people FEEL good, that make us feel good.


Dancing Egret will be selling their goods on Saturday Dec 9th!