MAKER SPOTLIGHT: Cinnamon Maxxine

Today we are featuring the work of Cinnamon Maxxine who will be showing their handmade clothes and crafts made using repurposed materials designed to be affordable and accessible for bigger bodies. 

As Cinnamon says, “I take pride in making clothes for larger bodies that have unapologetic, unashamed, 100% belligerent fat positive or political messages such as “FAT MAGIC”, “FAT, BLACK, PROUD” or “WHITE GUILT PAYS BILLS.” Clothes made for larger bodies are often made in darker colors and cover every inch of skin. Because fat people shouldn’t wear clothes that make them stand out or show skin. We’re supposed to make ourselves as small as possible. I want fat folks to feel empowered to be sexy and show some damn skin!”

Maxinne, who has identified as a creative crafter forever, is excited to bring one of a kind radical items to Magic Makers that poor queer people can afford and look amazing in and envisions a queer crafting community without cliquish and classist behavior. We are so here for this and cant wait to snag up some items! Make sure to come thru on Saturday Dec 9th and get Maxinnes goods while they last- we have a feeling they are gonna go fast!